Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron will accuse Theresa May of pursuing “aggressive, nationalistic” politics like those of Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Marine Le Pen during a keynote address to activists.

Speaking at the party’s spring conference in York later, Mr Farron will say the Prime Minister is part of a “new world order” that links the three leaders on the political right, characterised by nationalism, authoritarianism and protectionism.

“The politics of Trump. Of Putin. Of Le Pen. And now the politics of Her Majesty’s Government. Welcome to the new world order. This is the new normal, the new status quo,” he will say.

Tim Farron
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“Aggressive. Nationalistic. Anti-Nato. Anti-EU. It is the post-war internationalist consensus unravelling in real time. Winston Churchill’s vision for a world that achieves peace through trade, common values and shared endeavour evaporating before our eyes.”

Mr Farron will urge his supporters to reclaim the British flag from nationalists who have turned it into a “symbol of division”, saying they should never be ashamed of who they are.

“There are too many on the centre left who are squeamish about patriotism. I’m not. I love my country. I’m proud of my identity,” he will say.

Newly-elected Liberal Democrat MP Sarah Olney with party leader Tim Farron on Richmond Green
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“Patriotism isn’t about dividing our society. It is about celebrating it. It’s about our shared experience, our shared history, our shared destiny.

“There’s nothing logical about it. It’s emotional. And it’s good.”

After a speech on Friday in which he accused Labour of acting as the Tories’ “accomplices” on Brexit, Mr Farron will say the Lib Dems are the only “real opposition” to the Tories.

“We are the only party in British politics opposed to a hard Brexit, fighting for our membership of the single market and campaigning to give the British people the final say over what comes next,” he will say.