A husband and wife were tied up by burglars who poured boiling water over their heads and threatened to chop off his ears and her fingers, a court has heard.

The “barbaric” criminals also said they were going to “dig her eyes out” and “get” their grandchildren, according to prosecutors.

Kacey Adams, 34, and Daniel Wallace, 33, made off with around £50,000 in the raid on a bungalow in Halstead, Kent in April 2016.

They were arrested as they flew back from Dubai the following month and their luggage was found to contain more than £18,000 of luxury goods.

Before the attack, victim Janis Buswell was knitting clothes for her expected great-grandchild and husband John was watching a boxing match on TV.

Adams and Wallace tied them up and tortured them for two hours, demanding to know the codes for their safes, Chelmsford Crown Court was told.

They tipped a kettle of boiling water over Mrs Buswell’s head, which made her husband so angry he broke free from his cable ties, the court heard.

The men, wearing all black, threatened him with a knife, and he took them to a bathroom safe containing £3,000-£5,000.

Adams, who wore a mask, and Wallace, who had a hoodie drawn tight around his face, then tipped a second kettle of boiling water over Mrs Buswell, 64, and said they knew there was more money.

“She was screaming in terrible pain,” said prosecutor Tracy Ayling QC

Mr Buswell, 66, took the men to a second safe, hidden under the floor, which contained around £40,000.

Their ordeal continued as the men tipped boiling water over his head, threatened to chop off his wife’s fingers with a knife and his ears with scissors.

The men also told Mr Buswell they were going to “dig his wife’s eye out then they would see where the fifties were”, said Ms Ayling.

“They said they knew he changed £50 notes in the local pub,” she said. “They said they knew where members of the family lived and said ‘we’re going to get your grandchildren’.”

After the men fled with cash and jewellery, Mr Buswell was able to untie himself and raise the alarm.

His wife suffered burns to a fifth of her body, was placed in an induced coma and has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Adams and Wallace have both admitted aggravated burglary and causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

The two men smirked and chatted to each other throughout the sentencing hearing in Chelmsford and are set to hear their punishment on Monday.

A third burglar has never been caught, while a fourth man Drew Morris, 27, admitted to being the getaway driver but said he did not enter the house or know what was going to happen.