Tottenham have been forced to apologise after sending out a survey which included a question asking whether fans agreed that “a woman’s place is in the home”.

In the quiz sent out to US supporters, the multiple choice question prompted participants to select responses including “definitely agree”, “neither agree nor disagree”, and “definitely disagree”.

The club have since apologised for what they called a “wholly unacceptable” question which was “a regrettable oversight”.

Screengrabs from the quiz were posted to social media by journalist Jeff Maysh.

“Hey, @SpursOfficial, a few of the questions in this survey you just sent out are…unforgivable. #coys,” he wrote, along with grabs of the introduction to the survey and the controversial question.

Spurs Talk, a community Twitter account for Tottenham fans, wrote: “Tottenham sends out USA supporter survey that includes blatantly sexist question #THFC”

Some responded suggesting that the posts had been faked, with one user saying “this can’t be real, can it?!?”.

However others spoke up to say they had also received the same questions.

“I can confirm. Same questions. Those were the options for every question for that section tho. I did think it was beyond strange when I was asked that,” wrote Artur Da Sila.

The email had the subject heading: “Calling all US Spurs fans: tell us what you think.”

Featuring a club crest at the top, it read: “We have an ongoing commitment to learn more about the specific requirements of our loyal fans and everyone who interacts with the club.

“Therefore, we’re seeking your help to increase our understanding of what you think about Spurs and football/sport in general.”

The Premier League club, which states it has 50% female representation on its board, said the questions were compiled by a third party, Kantar Media.

The club told Sky News that the question had been “immediately removed” once the “regrettable oversight” was discovered.

In a statement, Tottenham said: “The inclusion of this question in a club survey was wholly unacceptable and a regrettable oversight.

“It has been immediately removed from the survey for any other fans now looking to fill this out.

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“We sincerely apologise to anyone offended by its initial inclusion.”

Sky News has approached Kantar Media for comment.