UKIP has ousted its leader in Wales , Neil Hamilton, following a “democratic vote”.

The outspoken Welsh Assembly member has been replaced by Caroline Jones.

She represents the South West Wales region and has been in the Senedd since May 2016.

The deputy chairman of the UK Independence Party, Neil Hamilton, speaks at the party's annual conference in central London
Neil Hamilton was forced out following a ‘democratic vote’

“We intend to be a cohesive team and all members of the group are welcome to remain,” Ms Jones said in a statement on Thursday.

“As always, the group will be focusing on the issues affecting Wales.

“We are part of UKIP as a party and intend to continue to build our membership in Wales and support the people who elected us.”

Mr Hamilton has come under fire in the past for outspoken remarks, including calling Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood a “political concubine in (First Minister) Carwyn Jones’ harem”.

His departure marks another in a series of changes of UKIP’s leadership.

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MEP Gerard Batten took charge of the national party in April after embattled leader Henry Bolton was forced out in a members’ vote.

Before that, Diane James and Paul Nuttall were forced to resign their posts – the former after only 18 days in the job.