Labour’s Janet Daby has won the Lewisham East by-election, as Labour held the southeast London seat.

The by-election was triggered by former Labour MP Heidi Alexander’s decision to quit Westminster to take up a job with London mayor Sadiq Khan.

Ms Daby picked up 11,033 votes – a 50.2% share, down nearly 18% points from Ms Alexander’s vote share in 2017.

Liberal Democrat Lucy Salek had 5,404 votes, a 24.59% share, while the Conservative Ross Archer had 3,161 votes, a 14.38% share.

In her acceptance speech, Ms Daby said: “I feel humbled and I’m delighted.”

She said her victory meant “we will not tolerate an extreme Brexit in Lewisham East”.

“We refuse to stand by and let a Tory government devastate our schools, our health service and our housing,” she added.

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The result put the Lib Dems up more than 20% points, with a swing of nearly 19% from Labour to Lib Dem.

More to follow…