A Labour MP who was suspended after historical online comments emerged has quit the party and hit out at his treatment.

Jared O’Mara, who represents Sheffield Hallam and was recently reinstated by the party, said he had “made unfairly to feel like a criminal”.

In open letter to constituents published on his website, Mr O’Mara said he had taken the decision with “great sadness”.

“This decision has not been taken lightly but has been made following careful reflection of the decision to re-admit me back into the Labour Party following my suspension last October,” he said.

“I feel I have not been listened to or been given a fair investigation as I do not believe they considered my supporting evidence or got in touch with my witnesses.

“Furthermore, I am of the opinion that the Labour Party no longer shares my commitment to the true definition of equality and compassion.

“There is no doubt that I made mistakes as a young man using distasteful language as a clumsy attempt at satire and sarcasm online.

“But that does not mean that is who I am today

” I am sure that there may be many of us who have done things in our past which we wished we had never done.

“That said, you can’t take it away and I am truly sorry for any offence that I caused.”

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A Labour Party spokesperson said: “We’re disappointed Jared has decided to resign from Labour after we won the Sheffield Hallam seat from Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems last year. We wish him well for the future.”

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