The champion of a “Punching Above Your Weight” competition is a winner again after earning a £1m jackpot on a Lottery scratchcard.

Darren Donaghey, 33, rarely buys a Lottery ticket but bought the £5 scratchcard on a whim on Tuesday when he was in a local shop to get milk.

He and his wife Kate, 28, plan to spend the cash on a larger house for their two children who have autism.

The couple hit the headlines in 2014 when they won a honeymoon as part of a Metro Radio competition in which listeners voted for couples who were most mis-matched in looks.

The Donagheys have a girl aged three and a boy of six, both of whom are “non-verbal”, they said.

Darren and Kate say the win will transform their lives
Darren and Kate say the win will transform their lives

The scratchcard win means the family will be able to leave their two-bedroom house in the Walker area of Newcastle and move to a bigger property where each of their children will have a room of their own.

They will also have a sensory room in their new home with bubble lamps to provide a quiet area.

At first Kate did not believe Daren when he came bursting into the house saying he had won £1m.

Once the win was confirmed and they realised what a difference it will make they could not help crying for joy.

Mr Donaghey, who works as a call centre supervisor, is considering giving up his job so he can spend more time with his family and help stay-at-home-mother Kate with the children.

Darren Donaghey bought the scratchcard by chance while shopping
Darren bought the scratchcard by chance while shopping

They also plan to use some of the cash to support autism charities that have helped them.

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Mr Donaghey said: “We are currently in a two-bedroom house and desperately need more room for the children – now all of our dreams have come true with this win.

“We can move to a new home, which is bigger and with more bedrooms and even create a sensory room for our daughter and son.