South Yorkshire Police say the vehicle was linked to a crime but have not confirmed reports that officers were chasing it.

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The collision has torn off a corner of a house on the street in Barnsley
The collision has destroyed a corner of a house

A woman has died after a lorry that had been “involved in a crime” crashed into the side of a house.

Police said four men were arrested after the white truck crashed into a property in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

The woman who died was a pedestrian on Park View in Brierley.

The white truck had been involved in a crime before the crash, according to police
The white truck had been involved in a crime, say police

South Yorkshire Police said the vehicle had been involved in a crime.

However, officers have not confirmed reports from residents that the truck had been followed by police before the incident.

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A police spokeswoman said officers were called to the scene of the collision at about 1.40pm.

A large area remained cordoned off around the newly built house, which has suffered severe damage at the back, with beds and other household items hanging precariously.