A kind-hearted postman dressed up as an elf to collect letters written to Santa by children who had no access to a postbox.

Primary school children at Antingham and Southrepps Primary School in Norfolk had written their wishlists to Father Christmas but were concerned he would not receive them.

Royal Mail postman Andrew Harrison came to the rescue when he collected the letters personally from the children.

Dressed as one of Santa’s elves, Mr Harrison made the experience extra special with his costume, magic dust and Santa post sack.

Headteacher Emma Harding said the children were “in awe” of their most recent visitor

Headteacher Emma Harding told Sky News: “The children were in awe of Andrew when he arrived, carefully using his magic dust and putting their envelopes in his Santa sack.

“They waved him goodbye, as he promised to deliver the letters first class to Santa. They were then in a mix of complete disbelief and pure excitement about what had happened.”

Walking to a postbox from the rural location of the school was no option for the children
Walking to a postbox from the rural location of the school was no option for the children

A Facebook post by the school said the children, who are in nursery and a mixed reception/Year 1 class, were “over the moon” that their letters would be sent specially to Santa.

The post added: “Due to the rural location of the school, walking to a postbox to post the letters was not going to be possible.

“However, after a chat with Andrew, he and the teachers were able to make the children’s wishes come true!”

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The gesture was received well by parents and residents, with one person commenting: “Andrew is our postman and an absolute ray of sunshine, not at all surprised he’s helping make Christmas special for the children.”

Another said: “That’s so lovely. What a kind thing to do.”